Dana Borisova has planned the affair with the hockey player

Дана Борисова спланировала роман с  хоккеистом

Just started a fans of Dana Borisova enjoy its success in your personal life, as it turned out, they only bubble, premeditated PR campaign. About the relationship of the presenter and hockey player Alexander Morozov became known a few months ago. Dana has received from the athlete expensive gifts and even going to marry him, but what was presented to the public, turned out to be fiction, although Borisov and declares sincere feelings to the athlete, for whom the “good tread”.

Insiders from the environment This told me that the entire novel Borisova with Morozov was planned from the beginning to the end, and even in the car, which gave her “new boyfriend”, Borisova so never rode, he had rented the cabin for a certain time. The same applies to an engagement ring which the athlete allegedly was supposed to give Dana in ether one of the programs. It later also returned to the jewelry store.
The most annoying that participation in the PR campaign Given received only a few thousand rubles, whereas an athlete more than a hundred thousand. Borisova, and not waiting for reward, decided to stop communication with Morozov.
Reporters managed to contact Dana, and she did not deny it, and immediately admitted that her novel was fiction.
“I have never sat behind the wheel of this donated car. I don’t know how they’ll explain it all, but personally I have at the moment to Morozov had feelings, not deep, but it was. In this story I just had to hold the handle and faithfully look in my eyes and I was good at it” confessed Dana. Borisov believes that Morozov and his press Secretary lied to her, and robbed. To justify to anyone leading is not going to, and declares that her hand was emotional interest.
“Personally, from my side the feeling was, but within two months they hesitated well” said Dana.