Dana Borisova has moved into a new apartment

Дана Борисова въехала в новую квартиру According to the presenter, housing found for her Andrey Malakhov. Dana Borisova got out of rehab in Thailand. She spent more than six months to get rid of narcotic dependence.
Дана Борисова въехала в новую квартиру

At the end of April mom Dana Borisova sounded the alarm – she asked for help to save daughter from drug addiction. Popular TV host and chief editor of the project “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov could not leave a friend in trouble. Thanks to him, she went to the rehabilitation center in Thailand. Dana Borisova on the drug: “I would do anything for my daughter!”

Now Borisov has realized his mistakes and intention to ruin one’s health. She recently flew to Moscow and ready for a new life. She was grateful to the friends who gave her support in a difficult period and now help with housing.

“My dear and beloved men Andrei Malakhov and Nikita Lushnikov. Thank you for coming to help and was next in a difficult moment. I’m pretty, sober, and all I have found. And you, dear Andrew, thank you for a wonderful 2-room apartment you rented for me, so I can live in my new life,” said Dana in a microblog.

Borisov very glad that now she has a place to stay in Moscow. Before that, during visits to the capital, she rented rooms in hotels. Despite the fact that Dana is the owner of their apartment, she explained why it no longer appears in the apartment. According to her, she doesn’t have keys – they took mom. Moreover, the presenter suspects that cousin even took out valuable things and wanted to lease it. Mother Dana Borisova showed the conditions in which she lives

“I couldn’t get into the apartment, since my mom took my keys. In the end it turned out that it had already led to people showing the apartment. Wanted to let and tenants to exist on the money”, said Dana in an interview.

Fans Borisova was very happy that her difficult situation was almost resolved. They praised friends who did not turn away from it in a difficult period. “As well, when someone extends a helping hand! Well done men!”, “You’ve changed so much. From you is such warmth and purity. And style super,” “Well, how cool that you did it. What a positive picture. Andrei Malakhov special thanks for you, Dana, for an Aspen, and saw that he, too, looks great. What about you, Dana, all super. Look very cool,” expressed his opinion followers.

“My dear young parent Andrey Malakhov. Thanks for the unreal, wonderful apartment, paid for two months, so I can start in her new life,” thanked Dana.