Dana Borisova has hinted at a new romance

Дана Борисова намекнула на новый роман Presenter is ready for romantic relationships. Once again Dana Borisova has explained to fans how he feels. It is constantly suspected that she returned to prohibited drugs, but she assures people she’s fine.

Dana Borisova continues to struggle with the consequences of drug addiction. In this time the presenter is trying to help other people who are in a similar situation. However, some subscribers stars don’t believe she is fully recovered. The pour oil on the fire haters Borisova. According to them, Dana is still drinking some pills. The celebrity answered the detractors in a new post.

“Just zadolbali jealousy and accusations of the use, God sees everything and will reward each according to his merits, change is the third comment today I have a meeting with my post-rehab out-patient doctor, whom I love very much, and appreciate everything he does for my health”, wrote Borisov.

A celebrity knows that she needs to be strong, it’s still not finished the trials in the custody of her daughter. At the moment Polina lives with his father Maxim Aksenov. The man does not allow the girl to stay in This weekend. “We had previously asked three days a week, and now asked for two, a weekend overnight. But we do not hear. The last sentence, which was with them: twice a month for an hour in his presence. Dorogomilovsky court will continue to consider my demands. I’m not deprived of parental rights,” – said the star “StarHit”.

Members support the presenter. “You’re done, just hang on in there and believe in themselves, in their strength of will”, “Dan, be nicer, a little kinder,” “All will be well! Let everyone burst of anger,” wrote words of support to her followers.

Besides, Borisov is thinking about changing a situation in his personal life. She said that in the evening go on a date with a stranger. After each live Dana gets a huge number of bouquets from fans, so she decided to pay attention to them and to meet men.

“I’m so tired of being alone and I hope we shall like,” said the presenter.

Recall that in his personal life, Dana has experienced a lot of difficulties. She was married only once. However, her marriage ended in divorce. Andrey Troshchenko not met the expectations of the star. She wanted to be happy with a man until the end of days, but he framed her. While This was not in Moscow, the husband took the things and “Mercedes” Borisova and left in an unknown direction. The court threw a couple in 2016. After that, the star chose not to advertise my novels.

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