Дана Борисова изменилась до неузнаваемости The presenter resorted to the help of beauticians. Dana Borisova decided to transform, and so asked one of the capital’s hospitals. Star is confident that it is not removed all deficiencies.
Дана Борисова изменилась до неузнаваемости

Dana Borisova was able to get an incredible way. She got rid of drug addiction, and now helps people in a similar situation. However, due to the long treatment abroad appearance of the presenter has changed.

In the program “the Stars aligned” Dana admitted that she often visits the beautician. Due to the long exposure to the sun in Thailand, the state of her skin deteriorated, and therefore the young woman was forced to go to a specialist.

“Look how my skin was. I after Thailand in General looked awful. Women after forty sunbathing is strictly prohibited. So now are often the esthetician. Only ten days ago, I inserted a thread. Plus, make a special procedure to wrinkles around the eyes clean. There is a special plasma is used. This procedure is done without surgery and without anesthesia,” said star.
Дана Борисова изменилась до неузнаваемости

Many fans of This long said that she has changed for the better. This presenter insists that shuns plastic surgery. The only thing that changed Borisov, she had a boob job.

According to This, she got lucky with genetics, and therefore by nature the young woman received a beautiful oval face. However, Borisova was another reason for the complexes, and it was wrinkled knees.

“I once visited with her daughter in the event short dress. Then I Pauline said everyone laughs at me due to wrinkled knees. The Internet also read that many are talking about it. In the end, I solved this problem. Now happy with the look of my legs,” he told Dana.

Host of “the Stars aligned” Lera Kudryavtseva Borisov condemned for wanting all a remake. However, Dana is confident that in its 42 year looks great. She is ready to continue to experiment with appearance, as a public man is bound to vary well-groomed appearance.

Also in the program Borisov admitted that he wants to meet the perfect man who will appreciate all its kachestva appreciated. It’s possible that finding your love, Dana will cease to experiment with your looks and feel really happy. But fans of TV presenter hope she would be able to accept each other’s shortcomings and live with them.