Dana Borisova has admitted that she has anorexia

Дана Борисова призналась, что у нее анорексия

According to the presenter, in stressful moments she forgets to eat.

As the saying goes, misfortunes never come singly. Lately in the life of Dana Borisova came to black stripe: my husband and I broke up, my mother had a fight, and even money stolen from the card. And if one, being in such a rough and tumble life, stress is actively seized, while others, such as Dana, on the contrary, literally melt away.

“I, frankly, something like anorexia, – said Borisov in an interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. — When worried, stop eating. And more recently in my life many experiences: the illness of his mother, separation from her husband. And the latest news I have sad. Alas, I became a victim of swindlers who have cancelled with my Bank card 240 thousand rubles.

I don’t refuse food basically. But one can’t. If someone of her friends will be treated or will eat at me, I sing. And I can’t. Just stop eating and all. And I don’t even want. Apparently, so has lost weight again. So I constantly and life was then lost weight, then fat”.

Fans of TV presenter while the cause for panic is not see, believe that their favorite star looks simply stunning.

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