Дана Борисова избавляется от дорогого авто TV presenter decided to replace the vehicle. In the fall Dana Borisova choose for yourself a new car. Fans are very interested in the opportunity to buy iron horse’s famous blondes.

      Popular TV presenter Dana Borisova has pleased fans with news that she’s selling the car. Celebrity decided to get rid of to the fall to purchase a new vehicle. Now the famous blonde puts the finishing touches to in the best possible way to present it to potential buyers.

      “Very soon, my Audi will go to the maintenance shop, where it will repair and prepare for sale, and I will prepare for the beginning of the school year to change to the “Japanese,” has informed in the microblog TV presenter.

      Fans are very interested in the opportunity to buy a celebrity car. They began to ask questions and dream that they will be able to buy a car. Fans also wondered what caused such a solution to This.

      “How much to sell my baby?”, “Dana, if I may ask, why Japanese? After the German” machine, “And if not a secret, brand new car? Infiniti, Lexus?” – the questions Borisova.

      Apparently, after staying in the Crimea, where she went with her daughter Pauline, the presenter not only solves everyday problems, but also successfully satisfied personal life after her divorce from Andrey Troshchenko.

      “Today, together with the man of my dreams had a wonderful day. Wandering through the Old Arbat, ate ice cream and watched the street musicians,” – said the famous blonde.

      In late March, Dana put up for sale your other car – a Mercedes. However, the woman then faced with a very unpleasant situation. When Borisov was waiting for the calls of potential buyers, these scammers have used. They allegedly agreed to buy a car and asked him to tell the Bank card details under the pretext that the money be transferred. A few minutes later followed by another call where unknown were presented by employees of the Bank. Unsuspecting Dana gave information, and then it turned out that she had lost a round sum of money.

      “Just a couple of minutes I called back and the employee of the Bank who explained to me that I want to transfer the money and I need to tell your code word to translate. I called, and literally two minutes from my card, removed all the money, but it is 240 thousand rubles,” — said Borisov.

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