Дана Борисова доверила свою дочь стюардессам
8-year-old daughter of TV presenter flies in one plane.

Dana Borisova c daughter Polina

Photo: @danaborisova_official/Instagram

All summer, the daughter of Dana Borisova spent with my grandmother in the Crimean Sudak. If there was accompanied by her mother, then back to 8-year-old
Polina was on a plane all alone. The presenter itself has informed its
subscribers about this, in her opinion, risky flight. But other way
This was not. The fact that on the eve of
the return of Polina Borisova is very sick. Then the TV presenter was used
service airlines child Escort”. “About this service, few people know.
It’s called “Unaccompanied child,” says Dana. — On arrival I immediately
handed daughter, so to speak, from hand to hand.”

By the way, recently
Dana Borisov was invited to appear in a Hollywood movie. “Friends, good
news! Last summer on the set I met the American actor
Mark Dacascos and Director Ryan Shiraki (“Clumsy”). Already forgot about
them, but negotiations began and in September I’m flying to California, and not on
casting and shooting for two full weeks. The film will play Slavic
the student with the complicated problems. Me waiting for September 18, will leave my daughter with
grandma — and more!” — said Borisov. So that 40-year-old presenter
now there are all chances to join the ranks of famous Russian actors who have achieved
success in Hollywood, including Vladimir Mashkov, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Olga Kurylenko
and many others. It is possible that after a successful debut in the us
the film career of This will go to the mountain and it will offer more than one perspective

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