Dana Borisova fell into despair after the scandal

Дана Борисова впала в отчаяние после скандала Leading shocked by the accusations against him. Dana Borisova denies that ever left their own children unattended for a long time. Celebrity intends to address in office of public Prosecutor and militia to punish the offenders.

      Dana Borisova come after allegations a former participant of “House-2” Denis Kozlovich and hockey player Alexander Morozov. Blonde is not going to ignore their words that she allegedly suffers from alcoholism and does not care about his own daughter. Borisov is going to appeal to the Prosecutor’s office to punish the offenders for slander. Choking with tears, the woman told about his further actions in Instagram. According to Borisova, now she is going through an extremely difficult period.

      “Dear friends, thank you for your support, which is constantly in the comments. Me with Polina now is very difficult. On Monday she had to go to school, afraid to imagine how she’s going. I don’t want to exaggerate this theme. In a kennel we will not go, because it is a pity the child. I’m afraid that it will give her more stress. But I will go to the Prosecutor, the police, want to make a statement,” – said Dana Borisova in his microblog, barely holding back tears.

      Members supported a leading and wished to meet a decent man who will take care of her. “Dana, don’t pay attention to the negative in the address, it was and always will be. I myself constantly face it”, “I Wish you happiness, patience and a lot of energy”, “Look straight ahead! The one who loves, is sure to be with you”, “We are with you”, “Why are beautiful women so unlucky?”, “You have a wonderful daughter, the most important thing”, “Hold on, the main thing is health and family,” wrote fans Borisova.

      Recall that the former participant “Houses-2” Denis Kozlovich has been a guest on the popular program one of the Federal TV channels. The man said that Dana Borisova not only abused alcohol, but can throw his own daughter. He also said that once the leading lived with him for ten days, leaving Pauline alone. In addition, Kozlovich told that he allegedly has intimate video featuring celebrities.

      The words of ex-member of telestroke confirmed ex-boyfriend Borisova Alexander Morozov. The man who once had given the blonde an expensive foreign car, and now says that she was a bad mother.

      After some time after the scandalous broadcast Dana Borisova called the accusations slander. “How much can you humiliate me! Leave me alone” – such an angry post made by a lady in social networks.