Дана Борисова заболела после новостей о женихе-армянине

Dana Borisova has put an end to the relationship with her ex-husband recently, and the media with great excitement already trumpeted that the presenter again gathered under the crown, this time with a certain Armenian who earns just of 30 thousand rubles per month. The press managed to learn even the fact that the couple already purchased a wedding ring, which cost 400 thousand rubles.

Whatever they wanted was Given to news of her impending marital happiness was true, she had to admit otherwise.

Last week, Borisov said that her picture with friends, which got to the net, not talking about any new love. Given that I learned about the upcoming wedding very close to my heart. The experiences of Kim and resulted in a serious illness. By the way, for help in the treatment is Given is not addressed to “beloved” and to their subscribers: “It’s here I stand and actually lie with a temperature of 38.6 for 4 days as I have been reading about myself and the groom with a salary of 30 thousand rubles. Okay, tired of it, friends, who have the opportunity to bring mineral water and lemons, and paracetamol please respond here or direct. I can only ask You,” Dana turned to the fans, put up a photo, which depicted in an elegant colorful dress.

Earlier, Borisov commented on his romance and impending wedding with Armenians: “Today is my day send links to where my fiance was called “Armenian” with a salary of 30 thousand – wrote the star. – Although I have promised subscribers NOT to COMMENT on this question, here is a photo of my real close friend. His name is Alexander, and I know all top managers of automobile business. And “oligarch” I’m never called. And the fact that we were with two couples and Alex in karaoke thereby probably provoked this error. ALL, say NO MORE, leave my private life private, at least for my daughter. I DENY the PRESENCE IN MY LIFE of 31-year-old Armenian (I hope no one was hurt, it’s just not really my type)”.

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