Dana Borisova: “Ex-husband called the police, knowing that the daughter I have”

Дана Борисова: «Бывший муж вызвал полицию, узнав, что дочь у меня» The presenter told us that Maksim Aksyonov incorrectly told the information to journalists. According to Dana Borisova, by law she can see his daughter only twice a month in his presence.
Дана Борисова: «Бывший муж вызвал полицию, узнав, что дочь у меня»

On the eve of Maxim Aksenov, the former civilian spouse Dana Borisova, said that their daughter Pauline is now going to live with my mom. After several court hearings, parents of the girl seemed to have resolved a number of controversial issues. Dana regularly take tests to prove that he no longer takes illicit drugs, and were shown to the guardianship, she can afford to take the child for the weekend.

Borisov recently even rested with Pauline abroad — Maxim allowed her to take a ten-year heiress in Venice. However, according to the presenter, there’s no solution about the fact that her daughter now lives with her, she didn’t.

“Dad, Pauline’s just lost it. I moved to a new apartment. Said I need help. And Paula, of course, agreed, even in Spain did not go. As a result, Maxim texted: “Let him live”. But it’s just words. By law I have the right to meet with my daughter twice a month in his presence. And, whenever possible, he recalls. The day before yesterday, the police were called when she found out that Pauline from me. However, to us no one came,” shared with “StarHit” was Given.

According to the presenter, no change in the case is not yet planned. However, in her new apartment, located near Filyovsky Park in a luxury neighborhood, will be equipped with a separate area for Polina. Previous housing Borisov has sold over 19 million rubles. Instagram Borisov also described the whole situation, jokingly noting that he had moved into the apartment, but sleeping on a mattress.

“I want a better life for their baby. Maxim small apartment where there live his parents. I recently moved into a one bedroom apartment in a luxury residential complex, which already equip the room for my daughter,” added Dana.

By the way, no serious conflicts between Borisova and Aksionov is no more. They forgot past grievances for the sake of happiness of her daughter Polina. The child also gets along well with her mother – in Venice Dan and Pauline went for shopping and also enjoyed local delicious dishes. “Venice, of course, the wonderful, and most importantly, stay quite economical” — shared was Given with subscribers. Vacation with daughter cost the presenter in a reasonable amount of money — up to 150 thousand rubles.