Dana Borisova does not want to return from Thailand not to live with the stigma

Дана Борисова не хочет возвращаться из Таиланда, чтобы не жить с клеймом

Well-known Russian TV presenter Dana Borisova told fans about how her treatment for drug addiction that it takes place in Thailand. Celebrity frankly said that he does not want to return home to Russia.

That therapy has already begun to bear fruit, visible to the naked eye – was Given much prettier after a few weeks of treatment. Yes, and she admits that the physical and mental state it has improved.
Borisov recorded a video message in which has told that recently has visited sacred place and have much to rethink and understand. According to This, faith in God helped her to cope with addiction, and she even thought it would be nice to stay there forever in the prayers and worship of God. To return home she does not want to live with the stigma of a drug addict who abandoned her own child.
“Went to Church. Pressed her head. The first thing I thought, how peaceful, how clean, how beautiful. I’d like to stay forever and to serve, to read the prayers. I just imagine all the humiliation, insults, is a stigma that will remain forever with me now – “a drug addict”. Everyone will be behind him to utter the word,” said Dana.
The only reason that Borisov will return to Russia, no matter what – her daughter Pauline, who now lives with his father, a former civil husband TV presenter.
Recall that the treatment Given in the clinic, “the 12 steps” has paid for Russian TV channel. He created a clinic for former drug addict, a businessman who now helps manage dependencies and others. According to media reports, the clinic itself is more like a five-star hotel: each of their patients have private bungalows, a private doctor who deals personally with it, a wide menu selection, and much more. One of the highlights is spiritual healing. It is believed that turning to God helps narkozavisimyh to get on the right path.