Dana Borisova did not deny prostitution

Дана Борисова не стала отрицать занятие проституцией
During his drug addiction and the deficiency of money, Dana Borisova did not hesitate to earn money with his body.

Дана Борисова не стала отрицать занятие проституцией

This was Given admitted on the program “the Stars aligned” and it seems that it has all the same what to talk about itself, if only it is not forgotten. Borisova, not very embarrassed, said that there were moments when she slept with men for money, but it was a lot of money, as it were, in his defense, Dana said.

That is, according to Dan, sleep for little money it’s wrong, but for large – nothing to worry about.

Дана Борисова не стала отрицать занятие проституцией

The worst thing Dana says about it publicly, not considering it something shameful, and her daughter Pauline, which plunged into mother’s life, maintains a blog and does not get from SPA salons will perceive it as a norm.
Borisov has already said that someone’s uncle had written to Pauline in the blog, that is ready to offer mom good money for a night with her. And this is only the beginning.

Well, Dana did not seem to understand. She got hype on his drug addiction, now wants the same effect from prostitution. Here such here it is the penitent sinner.

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