Дана Борисова отрицает проблемы с алкоголем

A few days ago on air of NTV channel appeared the video, in which well-known Russian TV presenter Dana Borisova was shown to be not the best. Famous blonde strangely and incoherently put it, commenting on his parting with her husband. In the hands of Dana was one of those half a glass with cocktail “Mojito”..

The journalists stressed that Dana not caring for their appearance and again became friends with a green snake. Before about her daughter’s problems with alcohol were reported by her mother. Now, according to reporters, a woman in a bad marriage pours strong drinks. However, she is Given absolutely disagree with this. On his page in Instagram Borisov commented on the incident with understandable indignation.
“Friends, now looked “brilliant” story in the “You wouldn’t believe.” Why so much hatred and lies??? Mojito was really soft, I was driving and to drown their problems NOT TRY!!! God you, my colleagues, the judge, and a smaller LIE” — written by Dana and added that to sue the TV channel thinks that it is pointless.
We will remind that last week the presenter said that it is hard going through a divorce with her husband Andrew, with whom she lived less than a year. She still sleeps very bad at night and cries. Nevertheless, have Given and some unknown man who supports her in this difficult period. Even with him she will be going on vacation, but, apparently, considers him only as a friend.

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