Dana Borisova decided to confession

Дана Борисова решилась на исповедь The TV presenter visited the local Church on Samui. During rehabilitation Dana Borisova turned to religion and began to pray a lot. She believes that faith will help her fully restore mental balance.
Дана Борисова решилась на исповедь

Approximately five months Dana Borisova is in a rehab center in Samui, where restores mental and physical condition. According to the presenter, in many situations it helps faith in God. In the program “12 steps”, which are used in the institution, there is a tip to improve contact with the higher forces.

“Today, took communion and confessed in his beloved Church on Samui. Next week I will be in Russia, in the Crimea in the camp #US where you met me waiting for hundreds of people,” said Dana.

Earlier, the woman claimed that she felt very comfortable in the Church and even was thinking to leave the monastery. According to Borisova, the stigma of “addict” will remain with her forever. The celebrity made the decision to cure your addiction for the sake of the daughter Pauline, who still lives with his father. The girl’s parents find out the issue of custody over her in court

“I don’t know, whether held on 27 August, the day my angel of the decade, meeting with the daughter, if I allowed Max to see her response, he still didn’t. I haven’t seen her since April 26. I just believe,” – said Borisov.

Dana says she talked to Pauline on the phone only three times. The woman really misses the heiress. When Borisov sees other Russian children in the Church service in Samui, she reminisces about her daughter.

“Turn to God, ask you to send me the dream and well-being in a relationship with my daughter. But the question of faith for me is still open. In General, at all stages of recovery helps me a lot Nikita Lushnikov, Chairman of the National anti-drug Union. We can say that he is my spiritual mentor. Regularly visits, explains what might encounter, and takes an active part in my life in the same way as Andrei Malakhov,” said Borisov “StarHit”.

In the near future, Dana plans to release a book which will tell about the struggle with addiction. In addition, the presenter plans to open a help center for people who can not quit drugs.

“Having cured myself, I want to help others. To live in sobriety and clarity of mind much better,” said the star.