Дана Борисова круто приврала о своих гонорарах
Taking part in the show “Battle of psychics” Dana Borisova shared sensational information about their fees.

Дана Борисова круто приврала о своих гонорарах

After she rebuked that it only does that gallivanting around different shows, she said – you Know, if you were offered the sum of nine zeroes, I watched as you refused.

Every schoolboy knows that the amount with nine zeros is a billion. Perhaps that in the world there is no celebrity that would pay such a fee for participation in one program, even in ruble terms. But in the us it is more than 15 million.

However, TNT did not hide the fact that This fee amounted to 250,000 rubles. The amount of good, but to the value of 9 zeros after the comma does not pull.
Apparently Borisova endless beauty treatments affected the mental abilities.