Дана Борисова запуталась в показаниях о своих мужчинах

Yesterday, the glamorous blonde was told that her future husband is earning 30 000 roubles, and today already denied this information, saying that her choice – a cool businessman.

To be honest, with his Frank tale of life partner Dana Borisova called genuine respect. Just yesterday the TV presenter told me that her future husband Alex earns 30 000 rubles, but soon it is waiting for a promotion.

Fans appreciated the sincerity of the star, noting that Dana has distinguished himself as a girl neomercantilist and that getting married for love. Think not earn much, it’s not for life, can bear. Well sweet, I remember, heaven needs to be in a tent.

Today, however, Borisov changed course and decided to disown all of the above.

“Friends, curious turns. Today I all day, send links to where my fiance was called “Armenian” with a salary of 30 thousand, – writes in his blog, Dana. And although I promised to all subscribers not to comment on this question, here is a photo of my real close friend. His name is Alexander, and I know all top managers of automobile business. And tycoon, I generally never called. And the fact that we were with two couples and Alex in karaoke thereby probably provoked this error. I deny the presence in my life 31 Armenian (I hope no one was hurt, it’s just not really my type)”.

What is a future spouse Borisova, remained unclear. The oligarch, he beginner or an experienced businessman? Importantly, Given tomorrow has not abandoned the promised wedding, and it has all you can expect.

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