Dana Borisova complained of the cruelty of ex-husband

Дана Борисова пожаловалась на жестокость бывшего мужа The star continues to undergo treatment in Thailand. In his Instagram she told us that Maksim Aksyonov does not allow her to communicate with her daughter. According to This, the ex-boyfriend configures Polina against her.

The news that Dana Borisova takes drugs, shocked her fans. Now the presenter stated that the treatment in Thailand benefited. According to star, finding in the clinic is completely delivered her from addiction.

“I’m not taking any mind-altering substance (even coffee and energy drinks).At the end of the rehabilitation course ( it is individual for everyone, from three months) I will live in complete sobriety.  I’ve changed and will change further,” – says Borisov.

Dana also noted that her treatment will continue for six months, and it intends to fully comply with doctors ‘ recommendations. The presenter did not forget to thank and your loved ones organized for her trip.

“I am grateful to my real friends – Andrei Malakhov, who bought me a ticket and Nikita Lozhnikova. These are the two most loved ones of a person who did a lot for me,” Dana said in a video posted in his “Instagram”.

The young woman confirms that in the first weeks she was forbidden to use the telephone, as it was necessary for treatment. Now she rarely makes contact, but hopes to be able to communicate with your fans in your birthday, which will be held June 13. To congratulate a friend will come and Andrey Malakhov, a visit which Borisov is waiting for.

But most of all worried about Dana not isolation from the world, and the lack of communication with her daughter. According to the leader, her ex-husband does not allow Pauline to communicate with her.

“I don’t want anything bad to talk to the Maxim, but the daughter set up against me, his parents and himself. It’s not for me to judge, I actually stepped on a slippery path,” shares with his followers a celebrity.

Dana also notes that the father of Pauline was not interested in the girl’s life for four years, so the harshness of his statement surprised the presenter. However, the star hopes that soon her life will come to a new stage. She’s going to be a better mother for his daughter, completely abandoning any psychotropic drugs.

“I changed a lot internally. I want to be the old Dana that you know and love. I will live in complete sobriety,” said Borisov.

Fans in the comments to the video were quick to wish Dan good health and spirit. While the exact date of his return to Moscow, the presenter does not call.