Дана Борисова пожаловалась на депрессию The known TV presenter admitted that she is not easy. Dana Borisova cannot solve contradictions, arising with the former civil husband of Maxim Aksenov. In addition, the star is regularly exposed to attacks of the haters.

TV presenter Dana Borisova begins a new stage in life. Celebsonline, who returned to Moscow from Thailand, lives in a rented apartment and trying to arrange a personal life, but also to help people who are struggling with addiction. In this way is Given regularly faces all kinds of problems. She recently publicly apologized to Alena Kravets, who was suspected of providing services to men for money. However, the singer did not take offense at colleague in show business and said that he had forgiven her.

In a recent interview, Borisov admitted that is in a negative state. For several weeks now the star is struggling with a bad mood.

“Actually, this isn’t easy, even developed a small depression. It usually happens with everyone who comes out of rehab in a hostile environment. People have ruthless, aggressive. Constantly shouting: “You undertreated addict!”In General, there is a reason to be depressed! Well, mom made up. She now lives in Sudak, we communicate. Before New year I called her and asked for forgiveness,” – said a celebrity.

Adds Dana joy and conflict with the father of the daughter of Pauline Maxim Aksenov. The man reluctantly goes to meet the former civil wife. According to the presenter, she is seen with a girl on Saturdays only.

“Yesterday was rudely behaved at the meeting. When Pauline began to Express to me his discontent. I connected lawyers, because I think he behaves very correctly. Child very much opposed to the mother”, – said Borisov.

The star does not lose hope that she will be able to affect ex-husband and find new love. Dana gets a lot of attention from fans, but its the only one not yet found. Leading recently started Dating, however, one of them was unsuccessful. It turned out that the boyfriend Borisova “not quite free”. However, the celebrity does not lose hope to arrange private life.

In addition, in the next two to three months Borisov is planning to sell his apartment in one of Moscow’s elite residential complexes. During the conversation with the correspondent Sobesednik.ru Dana Aprovel speculation about what went on such a step because of the dire financial situation. According to star, she doesn’t want to go back to the place with which she associated negative memories.