Dana Borisova celebrates upcoming divorce

Дана Борисова празднует предстоящий развод The TV star did not lose heart, filed divorce papers. According to her, they are without conflict broke up with her husband, because for a long time did not communicate, and did not bind. Almost free the girl is already receiving attention from the opposite sex and bouquets of flowers.

      Дана Борисова празднует предстоящий развод

      On the eve in his microblog Dana Borisova has announced that it has filed documents for a divorce with businessman Andrey Troshchenko. She noted that her husband is a nice person, but they do not get along.

      For almost two months, the star of the TV screen and her husband almost did not communicate. According to Dana, a divorce is a formality. She personally took the documents to the court.

      “Yesterday unilaterally by magistrate filed for divorce. Ex-husband with whom you do not communicate with March 9, was a busy and ZAGS through a divorce is not wanted,” Borisov wrote on his page.

      It was the first and only marriage of a star. She preferred to keep her not sympathetic in the context of divorce, but rather congratulated. Almost free from the marriage the girl said that gets a lot of flowers and declarations of love.

      Fans wrote nice words Dana on her page in Instagram, endorsing the decision of the star.

      “Well done. Find more happiness, but in our time it is better to be self-sufficient”, “All good ends, to begin again. The end of the old love is the new beginning”, “It’s called married love, and happiness found in the divorce”, “the peasants Now began to fuss, so the woman was freed”, – such comments have been left subscribers stars.

      Borisov is not going a second time married, since she is no lack of attention from the opposite sex.

      Recall that Dana and Andrew were married in June of 2015. Before that, they had known each other for three years. Rumor has it that TV presenter took Troshchenko to another woman, to whom he was married. The couple’s relationship began to turn very rapidly. Andrew even liked daughter of stars, she began to call him dad.

      However, family life Dana and her husband did not work. The past six months, they constantly quarreled and clashed. Borisov while vacationing with my daughter in the Maldives Andrew’s got the car “Mercedes” and drove away in an unknown direction. According to the presenter, such conflicts have exacerbated her health problems. Dana admitted that she suffered from anorexia. “I didn’t eat anything at all. I couldn’t, I didn’t feel like… First time like, and then you get used to, and absolutely do not want. I knew that already look painful,” said Borisov.

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