Dana Borisova asks to take her to Russia

Дана Борисова просит увезти её в Россию

Well-known Russian TV presenter Dana Borisova asked the journalists for help. Celebrity. which is now recovering from alcohol and drug addiction in Thailand, managed to contact the journalists through the WhatsApp application. In his message, the blonde asks to take her to Russia soon. Supposedly she is even ready to buy tickets for the money, but she took all the documents.

“I want to move now from here, I want their money to buy a ticket, but I have phone selected” — posted Borisov.

By the way, The documents seized immediately on arrival in Thailand to cut off all escape routes. A few weeks of stay, a celebrity has realized the depth of his problems and even talked about it on air of popular TV show “Let them talk” Andrei Malakhov, contacting reporters via Skype.
In order to compensate the moral damage from forced treatment, on arrival home, Dana will receive one million roubles. This was told journalist Evgenia Kirichenko, the ex-fiancee of producer Borisova.
Meanwhile, the former civil husband of The Maxim Aksenov said that the other day she talked to their daughter Paulina who is temporarily living with him.
Recall that on problems and on This told the whole world her mother, Ekaterina Ivanovna, desperate to save her daughter from a permanent stay in the dope. Supposedly Borisova drugs have always been freely available, and her daughter had seen, as the mother accepts them. Friends, This stood up for her, saying that her mother just wants to get custody of his daughter Borisova and her Moscow apartment. TV show “Let them talk” together with TV channel agreed to pay for the treatment Given in the rehabilitation center “12 steps”, which is more like a luxury resort. All of the patients live on the ocean in their villas have personal psychologists take courses herbal medicine, yoga and massage.