Дана Борисова обратилась к целительнице

The doctors were unable to help well-known TV presenter Dana Borisova, who suffers from a strange illness for several weeks. The famous blondes keeps the temperature and one by one showered with misfortunes, the latest of which is the inability to collect from the Crimea own daughter. Desperate, Dana went to a psychic Miroslava Collavini., which helped Pavel Bure and Michael Circle.

The famous healer stunned Dan with the news that she is paying the price with their health and troubles in his personal life for the sins of their ancestors.
“The sins of your ancestors handed to you as punishment, you have to otstedt. Hence, health problems and personal life. The men with you uncomfortable. You can get along only by those who have the same genetic predisposition for bad behavior and destruction. Otherwise you just ruin the career of the elect, and his health” — said the bad news the healer.

The psychic said about the fact that Alexei, the groom Borisova has “psychological problems” related to the potency, size and capabilities.”

“You’re too strong a woman for him, it is necessary to change behaviour, become brittle, to cry on his shoulder, to show that he is a man” — said the healer.

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