Dana Borisova almost died overdo it with drugs

Дана Борисова чуть не погибла, переборщив с лекарственными препаратами The presenter was the guest of the program “really”. On a talk show for the first time Borisov explained why earlier in the hospital. Experts asked Dan to pass a test on drug use.
Дана Борисова чуть не погибла, переборщив с лекарственными препаратами

In the show “actually” Dana Borisova explained in detail why in December was in the hospital. Then most of the media wrote that the presenter was a suicide attempt. Is the celebrity says, for a long period of time, she had a psychosomatic cough.

“I will never commit suicide, because it is a great sin,” – said Borisov.

Borisov admitted that she was diagnosed with cough during the stay in Thailand. In the 31st hospital, she was diagnosed pharyngitis and tonsillitis. Then experts have found that the cough is associated with psychosomatics. Such a reaction This appeared when it came to unpleasant things for her: mother, ex-husband and other painful issues.

The doctors had prescribed a medication that helped calm the cough. The presenter argues that drank too much the number of tablets Finlepsin, which is considered to be anticonvulsant. The psychiatrist in the Studio argues that in this case the person did not see or understand.

Invited to the Studio Deynega Milena believes that Borisov is using drugs still. According to her, Dana and Rustam Solntsev, who was also in the Studio, people cheat. They agreed to pass a drug test.

Borisov insists that, realizing that she drank more pills than necessary, she started calling everyone: psychologist, familiar. She was seriously scared for my life. Several times the presenter caused vomiting to get rid of medicines. She then decided to call an ambulance.

“I said that I had a lot of different pills… When the ambulance came, I said I saw Finlepsin. I was awake but I was very sick and nauseous, I have previously caused vomiting” – told Dana.
Дана Борисова чуть не погибла, переборщив с лекарственными препаратами

Opponent Borisova was made by Rustam Solntsev. He insists that he never used drugs. However, the showman said that Borisov had tried to buy him banned substance many years ago. Borisov itself does not deny this fact. The experts recognized that the sun lies in the answer to a question, as he had previously tried illegal substances.

Дана Борисова чуть не погибла, переборщив с лекарственными препаратами

The father of This Alexander was ready to come to her house to sit beside her. He argues that in the moment the presenter do not use illegal drugs. Experts have called his words true.

“I believe your daughter. I’m sure she wasn’t going to commit suicide. The fact that he drank the tablets, it is, of course, nonsense,” said father.

Most Borisova was hard after returning to Moscow. She admitted she was in depression. That’s what depression can provoke an overdose.

Dana Borisov once again forced to pass a drug test

The Studio program also appeared the singer Danko, who once had an affair with Dana. “I could not provide her such a beautiful life that she deserves. At the time, we just enjoyed the sun, the sea. She was healthy and happy,” said the former beloved star, whom she met 13 years ago. Artist scandal, when the experts found that Danko has also used banned substances many years ago. He has steadfastly denied these data.

Narcologist Evgeny Buchatskiy, who came to the Studio, said that he saw Borisov on the day after the incident with the poisoning. “By and large it was taken for a short period of time 10 tablets Finlepsin. It’s a lethal dose. That is why it and was hospitalized,” – said the expert.

Дана Борисова чуть не погибла, переборщив с лекарственными препаратами

At the end of the program found that Rustam was Given and didn’t use drugs. Borisova continues to struggle with drug addiction, noting that every family can be people who are dependent on a particular drug.

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