Dana Borisova aged drugs

Дана Борисова постарела из-за наркотиков
For all was a shock information about drug addiction of a famous TV presenter Dana Borisova.

Дана Борисова постарела из-за наркотиков

According to most women, banned means they have put her own mom. The medication Given was prematurely ageing.

Дана Борисова постарела из-за наркотиков

“The first use was 16 years. My mother, who was working on the ambulance, brought pills and told me: “You’re not sleeping well, drink them – and be rested.” I was the presenter. Since then I have started to get away from reality, saw a handful of pills. All my relationships ended because of the pills.

Then they were joined by alcohol and drugs. But the pills were always the evil one. I couldn’t do without them – it was obsession. I just promised one to man them not to drink anymore. It cost me a full head of gray hair,” – says Borisov.

Recall that currently, Dana is recovering in a clinic in Thailand. And according to her, the treatment gives the results that she is very happy.

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