Дана Борисова призналась в борьбе с анорексией The TV host candidly told how he fought for his life after the wedding. Dana Borisova understood that if not addressed to professionals could die.

      Дана Борисова призналась в борьбе с анорексией

      Dana Borisova for many is the embodiment of successful women. Work presenter it combines with family responsibilities. Star raises her eight year old daughter. Last year she established a personal life – she married the man of her dreams. However, few people know what Dana should have look at her wedding the way she imagined in dreams. Price weight loss was a disappointing diagnosis – pancreatitis. Experts are literally pulled towards me. About this terrible period, the star openly talked in the Studio of the program “live”.

      “I went to the clinic to specialists. I gained 50 pounds. And the last time I was losing weight for the wedding and for three months ate nothing. I didn’t eat anything at all. I couldn’t, I didn’t want… the First time I want to, but you get used to it, and absolutely do not want. I knew that already look painful,” admits the host.

      Future husband are not able to speak on this subject. The star is constantly asked, whether not too it is full. He didn’t know what to answer, because really she was already on the verge of exhaustion. The once curvaceous Dana weighed 43 pounds. But no amount of persuasion it did not act.

      “I realized that the trouble with me – continues Borisov. – I stopped by the store, asked for the biggest fat sour cream, because I could only liquid to shove, and hate was eating this cream once a day. I knew that I would die, probably soon. I fainting fell…”

      Дана Борисова призналась в борьбе с анорексией

      In the clinic Dana came in terrible condition. Before my eyes she swam. “I haven’t eaten anything. Every three days I ate an Apple. And this for me was normal,” terrified of their own behavior Borisov. TV presenter recalls that in her life there were periods when it was much better. According to star, she’s eating, so I gained some weight.

      Helped to cope with the problem Borisova only to specialists. When she went to the clinic, the doctors took her all the tests, prescribe a special course of meals, explained what to do to get better and not to lose weight, but to stay in healthy, slim shape. Now she realizes that it could destroy itself in an effort to look slimmer. “It’s a disease,” concludes Dana.

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