Dana Borisova accused the ex-lovers in their addiction

Дана Борисова обвинила бывших возлюбленных в своей зависимости The TV presenter became the main heroine of the program “the Secret to a million.” A young woman has revealed the reasons why she had addictions. According to the star, contributed to her ex-partners.
Дана Борисова обвинила бывших возлюбленных в своей зависимости

Dana Borisova for six months undergoing rehabilitation, trying to get rid of dependence. TV presenter does not hide that for several years had taken illegal drugs. When dealing with Lera Kudryavtseva, star spoke about how and when first tried drugs. Many questions concerning his personal life, it seemed the young woman is too personal, but she still found the strength to answer them.

“I didn’t love, I didn’t like how I looked. My men have imposed on me the idea that I’m not beautiful. I also wanted to prove to people that write nasty things about me online that I’m good. Using drugs had this pain. The only time I did not drink and didn’t take anything — pregnancy and breast-feeding. Now I learned to love myself for who I am,” said Dana.
Дана Борисова обвинила бывших возлюбленных в своей зависимости

TV presenter does not hide that it is difficult to recall that period of his life. She removed the old photos, considering that seems they are completely inadequate. Besides, the young woman stopped to chat with those people, who together with her took illegal drugs. According to Borisova, she now has new friends.

Guests of the program were friends and relatives of This. So, in the Studio there was the mother of the star from Borisova a strained relationship.

“My mother is right TV star. She earns on transfers, walks and talks about my condition,” commented Dana emergence of a cousin in the Studio.
Дана Борисова обвинила бывших возлюбленных в своей зависимости

The presenter was unable to listen to the mother about the problems in the family. Borisov has chosen to go backstage and returned a few minutes.

According to star, she managed to beat addiction and now a young woman determined to help people faced with a similar problem. “I allowed the call, but some of my friends related to show business, just don’t want to be treated” – told Dana.

Health issues affected the relationship Borisova with her daughter. TV presenter admitted that the ten-year Polina doesn’t want to live with her. Now the girl takes care of her father.

Dana Borisova on the drug: “I would do anything for my daughter!”

“Maxim, I have never financially helped, even when we lived together, he did not give money. His parents helped. His house wasn’t always. I went back to work after three months after childbirth. Was torn between breast-feeding and constant shooting,” – says Borisov.

The situation decided to clarify the lawyer of the TV presenter Yevgeny Thin. He stressed that Dana is not deprived of parental rights. Moreover, she can see the child whenever he wants, but the father of Pauline prevents it. The man stressed that if the situation does not change, they will sue.

At the end of the program in the Studio appeared the singer Danko. Borisov does not hide that she was Dating an artist. “Yes, we were together. Marrying him was not going as he had a pregnant girlfriend” – shared memories of Dan.

It turned out, the presenter is still upset with ex-lover. Live singer hastened to present Borisova apology, and she accepted.