Дана Борисова обвинила Данко в жестоком избиении TV presenter upset with the singer. He twice broke up with Dana, preferring her to other women. Says Borisov, at the beginning of June Danko hit her in the face during their hot argument. She came on the show Dmitry Shepelev.
Дана Борисова обвинила Данко в жестоком избиении

Dana Borisova asked the program “really” with a shocking story. The presenter stated that the singer Danko, with whom she was having an affair, attacked her and hit him in the face. In proof of his words was Given provided the video, which is noticeable as she has damaged part of the face below the eye. As said Borisov, they resumed relations with Alexander Fadeev (real name: Danko — Approx. ed.) after its rehabilitation.

“My ex-boyfriend and the man I finally decided to meet after rehabilitation, although very afraid of relationship, lied to me again and even when we tried to talk, he raised a hand to me,” — said Borisov.

Дана Борисова обвинила Данко в жестоком избиении

According to star, she even liked Danko. The first time he’s gone from This to a pregnant Natalia. Borisov felt betrayed and spat upon. But decided to give Alxandra a second chance a few years later.

This time history repeated itself — Danko has had an affair. During one of the calls and clarify the relationship Borisova and Fadeeva star wanted to kiss him, he pushed her away and struck two blows in the face.

However, in the police TV presenter did not go to remove a beating in the emergency room too. This surprised experts.

“So many lies I for all time not heard from anyone. And I like a man who had never raised a hand against a woman. Then I came, word for word. Dana began to kiss and I just said, “No.” Our conversations ended with some kind of abuse lately,” said appeared in the Studio, Danko.

The singer went on to insist he does not beat Borisov. After leaving Dana continued to pursue ex-man trying to get it back: she wrote him text messages and calling. In early may, Alexander has a new girl, Masha. The artist met her at one of the events. It turned out that in that period of time, according to Borisov, they haven’t broken up. Besides, Danko was in an intimate relationship with both girls. The indignation Maria Siluyanova left the Studio.

During the test, the lie detector revealed that Danko didn’t hurt Dan, and all the traces on her face is just makeup. Presenter invented the incident with the beating.