Dana Borisov rescued after suicide attempt

Дану Борисову спасли после попытки самоубийства
The presenter wanted to part with life.

Photo: Instagram

This night in Moscow almost happened a real tragedy. Famous TV presenter Dana Borisova attempted suicide. She took 10 tablets of potent psychotropic drugs.

The last period in the life of This can hardly be called successful. She admitted to having drug addiction. A few months the TV presenter held in Thailand, where he was treated for drug addiction. She very rarely sees his daughter (Saturdays only), who now lives with his own father, businessman Maxim Aksenov.

And now a few months have passed since then, as she finally returned from the clinic in Moscow. And like all beginning to improve. Andrey Malakhov on the rights of an old friend Dane took the apartment and paid the first months living in it, to Borisov could start a new life. The presenter started looks, her Instagram is replete with reports of what treatment she was doing. Last Saturday she had a great day with his beloved daughter, and yesterday delighted fans with the news that the court took her obligation to pay alimony daughter. It seemed that life really pleases Dan, but something went wrong.

After this dangerous act Dana suddenly realized the seriousness of what was happening and called himself an ambulance. Her acumen in this moment enough, and not to introduce own name. As reported by channel Mash, the doctors went to give first aid to the Muscovite by the name of Kiselyov. But the doctors saw no Kiselyov not, and does Dana Borisov himself.

Of course, this does not affect the quality of the provision of medical care. The star had stomach pumped, and after state TV presenter stabilized, she was offered to go to the hospital. Borisov refused and expelled physicians out of the apartment.

What happens now is unclear. Most likely, Borisov, at the insistence of friends and family back on the island of Koh Samui in the clinic of his friend, whose services she so much “PR” in the media.