Дану Борисову не выпускают за границу из-за долга в 80 тысяч The presenter is obliged to repay the full amount of child support. According to the Dana Borisova she already paid, but as long as the ban on leaving the country it is not removed. Star is going with his daughter to Venice.
Дану Борисову не выпускают за границу из-за долга в 80 тысяч

Over a long period of time Dana Borisova was trying to solve the issue of the education of her daughter with ex-husband Maxim Aksenov. Due to the fact that the presenter was a heavy dependence, it would almost deprived of parental rights. However, Dana was able to prove to everyone that she got rid of the addiction. Now Aksenov permits ex-wife to spend time with the child. Borisov was going with Pauline to go abroad to Venice, but it had problems. Shortly before departure from the country revealed that Borisova is a debt for alimony. By law, citizens who fail to settle the required amount, cannot leave limits of the Russian Federation.

“The debt amounted to about 80 thousand, but I paid for it. Soon promise to allow travel abroad. But of course I worried. Us with Polina to depart on 14 July in Venice. Already bought tickets and booked a hotel,” said Borisov in an interview with “StarHit”.

According to the star, Nikulinskiy court bailiff called her the day before. Soon the debt must be removed. “It is very important for me,” added Borisov. She hasn’t seen daughter for three weeks. At the moment Pauline is resting with his father Maxim Aksenov in Spain. The former chosen star is totally fine, that girl will go on holiday only with my mother. “Paula really wants to Venice,” added Dana.

According to the documents, which are published on the website of the Federal bailiff service, the debt star is about 23 thousand rubles. Presumably, part of the debt Borisova has already forgiven.

Recall that the Dane managed to resolve all of the issues of Maxim Aksenov. As noted by the star herself, they have not had such good relations with the ex-spouse. They reached a complete understanding. Communicating with her daughter, Dana wants to be her true friend who will always give advice.

“I try for my daughter to be a bridesmaid, not her mom. Although Maxim is a method of education criticizes, says, it must not be friends, and send it. But I believe that the daughter’s adolescence, so it is impossible to press her authority to teach,” – said Borisov.