Дану Борисову лишили общения с дочерью из-за долгов по алиментам
Presenter beside himself with frustration.

Dana Borisova with her daughter Pauline

Dana Borisova in despair: stay with her daughter, which she
dreamed, it seems, “covered with a copper basin”. The bailiff phoned the presenter, declared that the departure abroad is prohibited Dana from-for debts. It
it means that she will not be able soon to see my daughter, who is now
is with his father in Spain.

The former spouses agreed that Dana will arrive in
Spain and will travel with her to Venice. But now those plans will not come true…
The lawyers informed Borisov that she was in arrears under the alimony in
the amount of 24 thousand rubles. By law, the maximum amount outstanding under
alimony for unhindered travel abroad — 10 thousand.

The star made the necessary amount, however, it later emerged,
she needs to pay another 96 thousand roubles — money for four overdue
months. Given and repaid the debt received payment documents. The problem is
that the lifting of the ban will be made within two weeks and non-returnable
tickets to Venice around the 14th of July…

“I have purchased tickets in non-refundable
Venice, booked the hotel. We had with Pauline July 14 to fly there. But, in the end, I probably won’t be able to have a child leave as a ban
check-out can be removed and a month or two,” complained Dana “Komsomolskaya
the truth.”