Dan Balan is back in the legendary band O-ZONE

Дан Балан вернулся в легендарную группу O-ZONE
The musicians reunited after 12 years.

Дан Балан вернулся в легендарную группу O-ZONE

Dan Balan, Radu Sirbu and Arsen Todiras

Photo: Instagram Dan Balan

Former soloists popular in the zero group O-Zone latest
time together went on stage 12 years ago. But now Dan Balan, Radu Sirbu and Arseniy
Todiras reunited for a single concert. Together they performed their greatest hits
among which Dragostea
din tei, Numai tu De ce pl?ng chitarele, at the concert on the occasion of Europe Day
in Bucharest.

Recall that the group O-Zone was formed in 1999 and disbanded
in 2005. the Song Dragostea din tei in their execution became an international hit
and topped the music charts in different countries. The video for this song looked 18 million people.

Vera Brezhnev and Dan Balan

Photo: Instagram Dan Balan

To date, all soloists of the group engaged in solo projects.
Dan Balan, for example, recorded a Duo with Vera Brezhneva on the song “Petals of tears”.
Arseny Todiras under the alias of ARSENIUM recorded a duet with Sati Casanova for the song
“Before the dawn” and most recently has pleased fans with a new job, “And he another,
mother”, recorded with a young singer gloves. The third member of the group Radu Sirbu
also continued his work in Romania.