“Damn Meldonium”: Strizhenova is preparing for a new doping scandal

«Проклятый мельдоний»: Стриженова готовится к новому допинг-скандалу
The presenter called the Russian athletes, and “suicide”.

«Проклятый мельдоний»: Стриженова готовится к новому допинг-скандалу

Catherine Strizhenova

Photo: @Instagram strizhenovae Catherine Strizhenovoj

Ekaterina Strizhenova, as most of the Russian athletes and fans, very worried because of an upcoming review of the IOC decision on the reinstatement of status of the Russian Olympic Committee. Reportedly, in the next three days will be checked all the doping samples of local athletes. Ideally, there should be found any violations. However Strizhenova worried that the positive doping sample can be detected. In this case, the status of the ROC is not restored, and even worse: take away the medals. About their fears Strizhenova told in social networks.

“Oh, how I fear… We can’t know exactly what they will do with these tests… In the case of Kruszelnicki, we have yet to investigate how and why (disposable!) the athlete swallowed ,or drunk,or he threw the damn Meldonium! Worried whether the coin will survive after these checks?! Will our victories with us? P. S Say so only because they do not believe that in such severe conditions, our athletes could be doping, knowing about a lifetime suspension! Or are they suicidal?” — surprised Strizhenova.

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We will remind that on 25 February at a meeting of the IOC Executive Board, the decision was made not to return the athletes of the Russian flag at the closing ceremony of the Olympic games in Pyeongchang. Earlier, the media discussed this possibility, but the two blasts doping scandal brought about changes in what is happening. In the near future will be known for what period of time will be disqualified curler Alexander krushelnitsky, whose trial was discovered Meldonium.