Дакоте Джонсон понадобится лечение после непростых съемок в фильме «Суспирия»

In 1977, she released the Dario Argento film “Suspiria”, which will soon be often called the pinnacle of his work in film. It combines detective and horror that so attracted viewers to the picture. Clearly, shooting for Jessica Harper, Stefania Casini, Joan Bennett and the other actors, who played in the movie, was not easy. Now to replace the original came the remake of the film, in which she played the star of “50 shades of grey” Dakota Johnson, Chloe Moretz and Tilda Swinton. The first shooting left a bad imprint in the memory.

Дакоте Джонсон понадобится лечение после непростых съемок в фильме «Суспирия»

In an interview with Elle, the actress said that she had to endure in the film. “We were in an abandoned hotel on top of a mountain. On its roof was 30 telephone poles, so the whole building was changes electricity, all scare each other. Even there it was very cold and dry. The only thing that helped me is the butter that every night I smeared my body…” says the star.

“Seriously, now I must undergo a course of treatment,” she said.

Recall that the movie “Suspiria” tells the story of a ballet school in Germany, which come to learn exquisite dance girl, Susie, who played Dakota. She soon learns that in the house, strange and sometimes terrible things.

I hope to redeem myself after shooting in the film the actress will also help her lover, with whom she has introduced to his family. Soloist Coldplay met with the father of Dakota is Don Johnson. “He’s a great guy. In any case, each of us wants their children to be happy, no matter how it happens. Chris is a talented musician. I saw them in concert in a small club “the Troubadour” in Los Angeles, my daughter glowed with happiness,” said don Johnson told reporters.

Rumors about a romantic relationship between a performer and an actress appeared in November 2017. Them a couple of times spotted together, but it could not confirm their romance. A couple of days before new year Dakota and Chris noticed at the airport of Charles de Gaulle in Paris, which confirms their relationship. According to the insiders, the lovers spent a few days in the capital. The town they left together, and carefully concealed from photographers.