Дакота Джонсон сожалела о своем участии в «Пятидесяти оттенках серого»

Rise of Dakota Johnson as a serious actress began with the erotic trilogy “Shades of grey”. There she had to play student Anastasia Steele in love with a billionaire with a very strange sexual proclivities of Christian grey. Very soon, the premiere of the second film of the trilogy. In anticipation of the show Dakota decided to tell about his future minority and willingness to work on new projects.

Johnson admitted that while working on the “hints” she was filled sex scenes in a movie, and I would like to try myself in something a little less blatant.

“Not that I really want to give up candid shots, but I can make the screen and other things. Maybe I will be starring in some films with sexual scenes, and I’ll probably be doing something completely different. But I know I’m ready to move on,” says the actress.

The main theme of all three movies, filmed on the novel by Erika Leonard James sexual relations. As recognized by the Dakota, it has not always been easy to work with on set. She even regretted that it was signed: “it happens sometimes. But this deductible will not be my Swan song. The film gave me a good start, but I don’t plan to disappear from the radar, so I’m proud to have starred in these pictures. Through shooting, I later participated in other projects and traveled a lot. In the end, thanks to the “Fifty shades of grey” I found myself in a world that always wanted to be.”

Earlier, Jamie Dornan, who played in the trilogy of Christian grey, said that it could be hard to make friends with a person like Christian.