Dakota Johnson spoke about an awkward situation with Jolie and aniston at “the Golden globe — 2018″

Дакота Джонсон рассказала о неловкой ситуации с Джоли и Энистон на «Золотом глобусе — 2018″

The star of the movie “50 shades of grey”, visited the show Saturday Night Life and told the presenter Jimmy Fallon about an awkward situation on “the Golden globe — 2018”. She commented on the photos that were taken during the performance on stage, Jennifer aniston, former wife of brad pitt.

Дакота Джонсон рассказала о неловкой ситуации с Джоли и Энистон на «Золотом глобусе — 2018″

The network got freeze frame, which shows the back standing on the stage to present the award actress Jennifer aniston. While this is seen as Angelina Jolie lowers her eyes, trying not to look at his ex-wife now ex-husband. This awkward situation was observed by the actress Dakota Johnson, who sat at the same table. The actress told Fallon that was not looking at Jolie, and the next table with the cast of “Very strange things”.

“Honestly, I don’t think I was looking at her. If you are attentive, you will find that I was looking at the table, behind which sat the creators of the series “Very strange things” (Stranger Things). Love the “Very strange things”… I Hate a situation when in the restaurant I was secretly trying to photograph other visitors, but “the Golden globes” I could not resist and tried to shoot a video with young actors,” explains Johnson.

But not so the network users are interested in photos from the “Golden globe”, as the romantic relationship of the actress with the lead singer of Coldplay Chris Martin. Musician and actress captured paparazzi in one of the restaurants in Malibu for a romantic date. Confirmation of romantic intentions was the fact that the stars arrived at the institution on the same machine. They had been in the restaurant a couple of hours, enjoying each other’s company and dishes from the menu. After that, the pair left the school and drove away in an unknown direction.

Rumors about a romantic relationship between a performer and an actress appeared in November 2017. Them a couple of times spotted together, but it could not confirm their romance. A couple of days before new year Dakota and Chris noticed at the airport of Charles de Gaulle in Paris, which confirms their relationship. According to the insiders, the lovers spent a few days in the capital. The town they left together, and carefully concealed from photographers.

According to some, in the airport they got on the same car, but got out of it individually.

For the first time about the possibility of their relationship began in October, when a couple noticed at a dinner in Los Angeles. In November, Johnson was spotted at the Coldplay concert in Argentina. It turned out that it was not a simple visit to the concert a fan of. Before the advent of the stars of “Fifty shades of grey” and the frontman for Coldplay in Paris insiders have confirmed their romance.

“They’re definitely together. Chris sends Dakota their music, to learn its opinion. This is more than a casual affair. His friends have come to love her and see that she makes him happy,” says a source close to the musician.

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