Дакота Джонсон, Джейсон Сигел и Кейси Аффлек снимутся в инди-фильме

Oscar-winning Casey Affleck, star of the film “50 shades of grey” Dakota Johnson and star of “Very bad teacher” Jason Segel will star in the indie film “Friend”. Will shooting the film Blackfish Gabriela Cowperthwaite.

The film tells the story of Nicole and Matthew, who recognize that the girl is left only 6 months life. The news is so touched by loved ones that their best friend decides to move into their home for friends. The appearance of another in the house can not affect heroes, which will be discussed in the film.

The script is based on Matthew Teague article for Esquire in which he spoke about the terrible illness of his wife. The article came out in 2015. In it the author said that the only person who helped in a difficult situation, became his friend, Dane. He quits his job and begins to help the family where the older two daughters of the journalist. Critics have noted that the new draft will become very important in the career of 29-year-old Dakota star and predicting at least a nomination for “Oscar”.

A little bit about your personal life: Star of the new film “Suspiria” Dakota and the soloist of group Coldplay Chris Martin have been Dating for more than a year! The insider reports that already this year, Dakota will be the bride, and not far before the wedding.

“Soon they will announce the engagement. Chris wanted this to happen after the wedding, Gwyneth and their children learned this news immediately, but gradually,” – said the insider to Us Weekly. We are talking about marriage Gwyneth Paltrow and brad Felchak, which was in September.

“He wanted to them with Gwyneth children fell all the changes at once,” — said the source.

Last winter, for the first time talking about the novel of the Dakota and the singer of Coldplay Chris Martin. Then the actress appeared on the show and then the paparazzi have not once noticed the stars together. “I’m not going to talk about it. Just to say that I am very happy with it,” admitted the star.

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