Dakota Johnson finds sex “boring and monotonous”

Дакота Джонсон находит секс «скучным и монотонным»
The star visited on shootings of erotic film her mom.

Дакота Джонсон находит секс «скучным и монотонным»

Dakota Johnson in the film “50 shades of grey” with Jamie Dornan

Photo: Оutnow.ch

Dakota Johnson, who is currently shooting the sequel to the acclaimed
the movie “50 shades of grey” surprised their fans with an unexpected announcement. It
admitted that he finds sex scenes … “desperately boring and monotonous”!

“Of course, we with Jamie Dornan(the partner of the actress in
the movie) is not engaged on the set of sex really. But we have
for 7 hours straight to simulate making love, which is absolutely intolerable, It is
extremely boring and monotonous occupation!” said Dakota. The awkwardness of the situation was compounded by the fact that recently
the film set in Canada, which is now working on two sequels to “50
shades of grey”, visited the mother of actress Melanie Griffith, to see

In fact, Melanie used to be extremely cool
to the fact that Dakota had a chance to play in such a risky movie. At the very
the beginning, when her daughter just been cast in the erotic film, Griffith
wrote soy on the social media page that she is “most proud in the world
mother”, in the sense that Melanie is proud of her fallen daughter’s honor… However, when
from Dakota, after the release of “50 shades of…” on the screen, asked, did
any of her parents, her work, the girl replied: “of Course not, and thank
God has not seen!” Now Melanie, apparently, still saw something of what was happening
on the set of…

Incidentally, the Dakota was recognized some time ago,
her role in the erotic movie badly marred her personal life. “A
men, probably confusing me with my character, because, as I noticed, I
began frankly afraid of…!” — explained the actress. Even her boyfriend Matthew
HITT, whom she’d met before, chose to break up with her. He’s not
stood the fact that his girlfriend was declared a sex symbol and everyone from now on could consider
all the nuances of her figure on the big screen.

Dakota Johnson,don Johnson and Melanie Griffith

Photo: Splash News/East news

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