Дакота и Соколовский показали сексуальную бабушку с внучкой The star couple a few weeks ago started a separate Instagram account for her daughter MIA. The girl was born in October last year, and today, she has an army of fans in the Network. Candid photos with grandmother has caused a storm of emotions among followers of the baby.

Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky one of the most famous parents who openly tell the fans the latest news about her daughter MIA. Celebrity couple even started a separate Instagram account for girls. Yesterday on the personal page of a little girl appeared the grandmother. Fans admired mother Dakota.

“On the beach with his beloved grandma. What could be better!” commented frame Rita.

“Baby – a copy of your mom, cool!”, “Grandma’s boy, very similar!”, “What a beautiful woman! Beautiful with a capital! Amazing photos! Urgently on the cover!”, “Gorgeous”, “Very cool photo. This beautiful grandmother”, “Grandma babe”, “Mama is like burning latina”, “Rita, you mother so young and beautiful and bright! The figure is just Ah! How cool when you have bright parents,” he wrote to fans of the star family.

Recall, Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota became parents in October of last year. Artists carefully concealed from fans the face of his newborn daughter MIA. Fans were looking forward to when the singers will publish baby pictures.

Only on vacations, Vlad and Rita finally decided to show the heiress.”Guys! And here comes the most anticipated video in which we show our daughter’s face. Cheers, believe me, we have wanted to do… In this video we show MIA and photos that we made when she was only two weeks,” – said Vlad in his Instagram. Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota for the first time showed the face of a daughter

The whole pregnancy Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky actively shared with the fans in the Network latest news personal life. The star couple were announced as the appointments, what sex will the unborn child. A few weeks before the birth of the baby, the artists announced the name. Vlad and Rita called the girl MIA.

On the statement of Dakota from the hospital was attended by family and friends of star pair. Several media covered the momentous event in your personal life Rita and Vlad. To mark the important event, guests tried on the costumes of the characters of the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland” and hung in the hospital balloons pink color. It is worth noting that Rita rapidly recovered after childbirth, and immediately began to share the feelings of motherhood in social networks. “The baby is constantly on hand, and she always wants to eat,” said Rita in a Network.

Little girl not six months, and she’s already got an army of fans. Netizens admire blue eyes, blond hair and a photogenic girls at such an early age.