Dakota and agate: the scandal star is gaining momentum

Дакота и Агата: звездный скандал набирает обороты
Rita tried to make a joke, but muceniece not giving up.

Дакота и Агата: звездный скандал набирает обороты

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Rita Dakota with my daughter

Photo: Instagram

Yesterday, seemingly, out of nowhere the Network broke the real star scandal. Rita Dakota and agate muceniece “clashed” in a verbal battle over the right to name daughters name MIA. Muceniece inadvertently several times expressed that she introduced the fashion for this name, first in a personal blog, then the pages of the magazine.

“We thought MIA is a very original name and no one will ever use it, says Agathe. But all become for us to repeat. It was necessary to patent!”

Rita Dakota took it all in and not mince words, replied the actress: “MIA is a ordinary pop the name. One hundred years since all the call girls, as the name is really good. Bombed but somehow Agatha, not my women, who have a 10-year-old MIA’s older. Exhale, Agata! Call the next daughter Herodion, honestly, we Gagarina will not this time “repeat”!”

Muceniece learned about the dissatisfaction of Rita from friends and journalists. And in the evening when the actress finally got home and was able to charge my sat down from the number of calls, I realized that they will have to respond: “I didn’t want to comment on the post Rita Dakota, but I called 150 journalists. So, to answer the taunts, I will not, for so do all the smart and cool Baltic women! I always like to consider themselves such. It’s some kind of kindergarten, which I no longer wish to be distracted, because I have lots to do! I hope this issue is resolved. PostScript: the name “Herodion” brought to a list and will be patented”.

After the appearance of this post in a personal blog Agatha Dakota tried to turn the quarrel into a joke: “Ladies and gentlemen! The same sense of humor! People sometimes joke! Herodion — this is ridiculous! Agatha — you’re one tough cookie! You what?!”

However, fans of the muceniece continue to believe that Rita was very sharp and needs no joke to translate everything and apologize. Even if Agatha initially allowed myself to be a strange reaction, but the specific names actress called. Unlike the Dakota, which is “specifically driven” by the actress.