Дэя: «Пришло время воплощать мечту в жизнь»
Singer Deya — talented and ambitious, young and promising performer of popular songs.

Дэя: «Пришло время воплощать мечту в жизнь»

Singer Deya — talented and ambitious, young and promising performer of popular songs.

Scene — main dream artist since childhood. A natural talent, constant honing vocal skills helped the artist to form their own unique style and reveal the diversity of voices.

Дэя: «Пришло время воплощать мечту в жизнь»

Behind Dei the successful work with the leader of the famous Swedish group “Secret Service” — Tim Norella. According to frontman and songwriter, he admired the beauty of tone and breadth of vocal range voice singer.

What was Your childhood like? Than interested? I dreamed of? What vivid memories from childhood can highlight?

— I grew up in a happy family, but as a child it was hard for me — I wanted to go out, have fun in the yard with friends, while parents since childhood prepared me for a future profession. It seemed to me that it takes away a big part of my life. In addition to school, I was engaged in figure skating, attended courses of painting, I went to music school constantly singing at home. Now I understand that it brought great fruit.

What started Your interest in music? What inspired you to write line to record music? Or You just singing?

— Since the childhood dreamt of a scene, loved music, enjoyed playing on children’s musical instruments. In addition, parents noticed that I very strictly follow the voices of the characters from the cartoons. So, they had an interesting idea — if I can successfully repeat vocal techniques, catching them by ear, then maybe I could be a good singer. And then, since I was eight, I went to music school. Already eleven — began to engage the academic vocal, and at fifteen, moved on to pop singing. In parallel, all these years, father taught me vocal techniques — as examples were given of rather complex composition of different outstanding artists. After all this “school” — studying at the Institute at the faculty of pop-jazz vocals was a “cakewalk”. Then, it’s time to realize your dream in life, and we, together with his father, already began to compose own songs.

What are You most fascinated in the creative process? As ideas for new songs? When You plan to surprise your audience with a fresh release?

— In the creative process I am fascinated by the spontaneity, the sudden insight. A new song always the result of strong emotions, feelings, fantasies. In order to write a song that will touch the souls of millions of people, you need to tune to a certain wave — not write from the mind but from the soul. In early December, we are preparing to release a video for the song “happy New Year!”, which is very fond of my students last year and stayed in the first positions in top charts for several weeks. At the beginning of next year, are preparing a bunch of new songs, including one song co-written with Tim Norella (approx. the leader of the legendary Swedish group “Secret Service”).

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