«Папина дочка» Мирослава Карпович экстремально похудела
Actress scare friends and family with weight.

Photo: Instagram

Miroslava Karpovich never had a problem with excess weight. Incidentally, at the time, helped her, 21-year-old, to the role of a teenage girl to praise her for the TV series “Daddy’s daughters” on STS channel. Just before the thinness of the actress did not seem excessive or painful, and now that the actress has exchanged fourth decade, its appearance causes fear.

Recently Miroslav shared the scenes from a recent photo shoot. Her hands in the photo as thin as a small child! And the actress looks like “transparent”. However, the star no problems sees. With the growth of 165 cm, she thinks it is normal its weight is 45 kg, and when it is possible to accidentally lose up to 41-42 kg, only happy.

This time, however, the cause of the weight loss was not the most pleasant reason. A month ago, the actress went on tour to Yamal with the performances. And there broke his right arm. Due to injury she had to stop doing sports, and muscle, creating first the terrain of the biceps fell off. Apparently, something went wrong, as in the ordinary fracture the plaster is removed after 3-4 weeks, but Karpovich still walks with a bandage.

On a diet, by the way, the star of “Papa’s daughters” not sitting, just trying to eat right. And she abides by a few rules.

“First, it is necessary to drink at least two liters of water a day and do not drink carbonated and sugary drinks. Secondly, it is necessary once a week to use the sauna, the Hammam or bath. Warm up with a broom and the skin becomes soft and elastic. A gelatinous tar soap, which is applied to the body in the Hammam, cleans the pores. Only after it it is necessary to use a moisturizer. Third massage! Personally, I go to a massage therapist regularly, even on the road. In some cities and me and the other Actresses even have their favorite master, with whom we have become friends. There are still rules that must be followed. For example, Spa salons, because the skin needs proper hydration and nutrition, forget about alcoholic beverages, salty and sweet food and Smoking,” said the actress during an exclusive interview 7days.ru.