“Daddy’s girl!” Ksenia Borodina finally declassified the younger daughter

«Папина дочка!» Ксения Бородина окончательно рассекретила младшую дочку
The presenter showed the face of a small Teona.

Daughter Ksenia Borodina — Theon

Photo: @borodylia (Instagram Ksenia Borodina)

Ksenia Borodina has finally revealed the face of his younger daughters Teona. For fans of TV stars this is a real event, because she hid the baby from birth. In the microblog Borodina the Teona face was published for the first time and caused a surge of fans.

Many subscribers presenter noted that Theon at the same time like your dad — Kurban Omarov and her famous mother. “Dad’s eyes, mom’s nose! The beauty of small!”, “Little angel, so like your parents!”, “Very beautiful, but it seems more like dad”, “Finally we saw her! Sweet blue-eyed sweetheart”, “a Mixture of” mom and dad 50/50. Even won’t say what definite like!” — write fans.

Meanwhile, today the family of Xenia celebrated the occasion. Eldest daughter Borodina was eight years old. The presenter shared a touching congratulation for Maroussi in social networks. “My soul, my first, you’re just mine and I’m very grateful that you chose me! You make me feel so lucky for my part, do you feel the mom with every cell in my body, I’m always in your sight, you’re worried about me every minute, I can feel your love every second!” — wrote Ksenia.