“Daddy’s girl” completely naked on Koh Samui

«Папина дочка» полностью обнажилась на Самуи
Miroslava Karpovich is resting in Thailand.

Miroslava Karpovich.

Photo: Instagram

32-year-old Miroslava Karpovich resting now on the Thai island of Samui.
During the trip it showed in the Instagram new hair:
the actress dyed her hair brunette, reminding fans of the way Masha
from “Daddy’s daughters”. In addition, the actress has pleased fans of spicy
a photo taken on a sun lounger. In this hot picture of the World has adopted such a
a pose that looks completely Nude. If it has a swimsuit or not
only she knows Karpovich. Followers of the actress make her compliments in any

beautiful) have a nice holiday”, “Always admired figure. So skinny”,
“A good rest with you with your Mitimiti. You’re very cool”, ”
neat prepare fans for the photos in the Nude”,
“Beautiful and happy” (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

Most reviews
and no wonder — focuses on how alarmingly thin the World looks.
However, the star no problems sees. With the growth of 165 cm, she believes
it is quite normal its weight at 45 pounds, and when it is possible by chance
to lose weight to 41-42 kg, only happy.

This summer, however,
the reason weight loss was not the most pleasant reason. A month ago, the actress went
on tour to Yamal with the performances. And there broke his right arm. Due to injury her
I had to stop doing sports, and muscle, creating first terrain
bicep fell off. Apparently, something went wrong, because under normal fracture plaster
removed after 3-4 weeks, but Karpovich still walks with a bandage.

On a diet, by the way,
star “Daddy’s daughters” not sitting, just trying to eat right.

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