Dad Stasi Malikova has unveiled her novel

Папа Стеши Маликовой рассекретил ее роман The singer spoke about the relationship of the heir with an adult man. In “million dollar Secret” Dmitry Malikov answered questions leading Lera Kudryavtseva on the family. In particular, the pop star admitted that familiar with boyfriend’s daughter.

      A guest of the next edition of “the Secret in a million” was Dmitry Malikov. The Russian executor has been prepared for the fact that host of the show Lera Kudryavtseva will pepper him with questions about family and personal life. The actor admitted that he has nothing to hide.

      Malikov said that before his marriage he had many novels, and he even starred in an erotic scene in one of the movies. But after meeting with Elena, everything changed. He linked his life with the woman who was his senior by seven years, and which the daughter grew. Later Elena gave civil heiress wife Stephanie.

      My daughter is now Malikova for sixteen years. According to the artist, that her birth has forced them to formalize the relationship, but the engagement ring he wears.

      All spectators and leading including was interested in questions about the heiress of the singer. In its 16 years, Stephanie is very popular among modern teenagers. For its microblogging following more than 400 thousand subscribers. Lera Kudryavtseva managed to pry a few secrets of his famous father. The actor told a leading on the personal life of his daughter.

      “She has a young man with whom she communicates more than with other guys. His name is Leonid. He is our guest. He’s 18 years old. They communicate a lot,” admitted Malik.

      According to the artist, Stesha understands that a serious relationship is not yet time. “We are talking about the fact that it is not necessary to hurry, it is necessary to make the right choice, a lot depends on this”, – said Dmitry. Together with his wife, the artist teaches the heiress to look at the relationship with young people.

      Kudryavtseva asked the star what he would do if her daughter will tell about the pregnancy. “Here Stesha, for example, will come and say: “Dad, I’m pregnant!” What are you going to do?” – asked the actor leading.

      “If it happens after the age of 18, then that’s fine,” said Malikov.

      Despite the fact that the star father spoils the successor shopping of clothes in expensive boutiques, he believes that Stesha soberly refers to money. Malikov admitted that Stesha she had learned to make – one promotional post in the microblog is about 65 thousand rubles.