Папа Марины Африкантовой едва не умер в реанимации Participant of “House-2” told about the serious health problems of a relative. Marina Afrikantov learned that because of Artemii as her dad was critical. She was scared for his life.
Папа Марины Африкантовой едва не умер в реанимации

Participant of “House-2” Marina Afrikantov and her family experienced a serious tragedy. Recently the girl’s father Alexander had serious health problems. While Marina was busy filming, her father was taken to a hospital in serious condition. About it she learned from relatives, and from her fans on social networks.

“Dad hates doctors almost never go to the hospital. Have always led a healthy lifestyle, and had no problems. On that fateful night he abruptly became bad: the pulse is jumped to 152 beats per minute, he blushed. Mom called the ambulance: doctors gave my father the pills and made a shot, however, from hospitalization, he refused. Later, dad got worse. The second time the ambulance was traveling four hours! Dad was in ICU and the doctor said that he was on the verge of death. If delayed further, the situation would be tragic. Glad I caught you. My dad had arrhythmia — the heart was restored with the help of a special apparatus. He stayed in intensive care for about a week,” shared Marina.

After her father was discharged from the hospital, he was given a strict diet. Besides, the man is forbidden to lift heavy objects. As Marina is now on the project, it can only call your dad. “When talking to my dad on the phone, the eyes are tears. We have always had a special, warm relationship,” said Afrikantov.

Relative girls 64 years, therefore, it is necessary to closely monitor health. Alexander also always worried about his heir, to not be hurt on the show.

“Father is very worried about my stay on the project, watched the release and took it all to heart. Especially after the situation when a talk show came Lena Bushina, and we had a conflict. I then cried for another five days, and dad every night I was comforted, supported. He insisted I vanished and left mom to rest. And when I came back, the tragedy happened,” – said Marina.

With her father in Africanoboi would have a more affectionate relationship than with the mother. As admitted star telestroke in an interview with “House-2”, she has always been very close with him.