Dad “drunk boy” accused state authorities that they wanted to hide the accident

Папа «пьяного мальчика» обвинил госорганы в том, что они хотели скрыть ДТП The father of the deceased child recorded a video message in which he spoke about the process the trial of Olga Alisovoy, who moved his son. According to Roman Shimko, the judiciary stand up to protect the guilty in an accident.
Папа «пьяного мальчика» обвинил госорганы в том, что они хотели скрыть ДТП

Alesha’s dad Shimko’s novel has recorded a video message. The man said that the investigative and judicial authorities are trying to help to avoid punishment the culprit of the fatal accident the Olga Alisovoy. According to a relative of the child, in the case materials there are many inaccuracies and false facts about the tragedy that happened to his son.

Папа «пьяного мальчика» обвинил госорганы в том, что они хотели скрыть ДТП“When we looked at the baby’s clothes are all around the impression that it was laundered on the sink. Faded blood stains, there are stains, they tried to hide. Knickers no signs of urine. What happened to the urine? Based on my examination in the bladder it was not. People tried to hide the boy move two wheels. Because it is another level, another measure of the responsibility”, – said Roman.

According to Roman, the Prosecutor did not notice the streaks from washing the clothes of his son. Also, the victim’s father is sure that after hitting a Duchess Olga tried to call an ambulance and give first aid to the boy. Test results Alisovoy was suspicious. Also cause suspicion and analyses taken from Alisovoy.

“Three minutes made the analysis, but the analysis for drugs, I am told, is done in a few hours,” said the father of the deceased Alyosha Shimko.

According to Roman, their family is not going to give up and plans to prosecute anyone who tries to protect Olga Alisovo. “I offer them just believe in me and wait to see further developments. You will be punished by law. I will not let you,” promised the man.