Синтия Бейли в новом селфи без макияжа и с натуральными волосами

No makeup, no problem! Cynthia Bailey looked positively radiant when she appeared without makeup for her new wonderful selfie, which she posted on the social network Instagram, which also was her luscious, natural hair.
52-year-old Cynthia Bailey absolutely shines! The star of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” on December 4 showed the fans and subscribers to your natural skin without makeup, sending a beautiful entry under the post in Instagram. Selfie shows Cynthia facing the camera, and seemed to absolutely all visible facial features in the foreground of the image. Her natural curls cascade scattered on her face, and her natural beauty was clearly shown to everyone! “Healthy skin is always in order”, the reality show star has signed a snapshot, followed by a lot of hashtags, which included “care for healthy skin”, “Spa day” and “care”.

Синтия Бейли в новом селфи без макияжа и с натуральными волосами
Courting in all its forms and manifestations, of course, very important to Cynthia. November 12, star “Real Housewives Atlanta” again on his page in Instagram showed another variant manifestations of self-love, which she practiced to maintain your ideal healthy lifestyle, as well as his elastic body. In this video post Cynthia spent a few workouts without equipment, wearing a black sports bra with matching leggings and sneakers. Cynthia also shared some tips: why she, in particular, likes to workout, which she does. She began her long signature with the words: “Training in the backyard — my new hobby”, before describing hard exercises.

Of course, all the care and love Cynthia go a long way, and it looks really incredible! She even showed off her amazing appearance at lunch with her daughter on November 12. A couple more looked like sisters, not like mother and daughter, as Cynthia and 20-year-old Noel Robinson, both wearing black ensembles during the night out at Nobu Malibu. Cynthia’s outfit showed her slim body, when the reality star wore black leather pants and transparent top, which is fully enabled to contemplate her belly.

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Cynthia always looks amazing, whether it’s no makeup or with it. The reality show star again and again shows that she is confident in her appearance and can easily use their natural beauty. Fans love to see that the star of “RHOA” has not spared himself of love and care!

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