Customers complain about the stench of the brand products Kylie Jenner

Покупатели жалуются на зловонность продукции бренда Кайли Дженнер

At the moment, the brainchild of the life of the young Kylie Jenner is her company producing cosmetics Kylie Cosmetiсs. The girl spends a lot of effort into developing your business and results, of course. Products from Kylie already used by millions of fans around the world. But except for fans of the brand there are also unhappy customers.

Recently, in support of the Association of Better Business Bureau, which deals with accreditation and rankings of companies that received complaints.

The reason was the dissatisfaction of a number of buyers of products of the company, in particular, they talked about the palette.

It was said that when you print the samples the buyers discovered that it exudes a fetid smell, which usually have the engine paint or aerosol. One customer even said that the smell was so strong that I had to stand on the street.

Association Better Business Bureau did not hesitate and immediately turned to the specialists of the company Jenner for clarification. Master Kylie Cosmetiсs responded quickly to the request, revealed the source of the problem and solved it.

The company’s reputation had suffered minimal damage, but Kylie Cosmetiсs remains one of the most successful in its segment with a-.

Previously Kylie Jenner has lost a court Kylie Minogue, which addressed the issue of the use of the name “Kylie” as a brand.