Curtains for cottages. Transforms the rustic interior.

Шторы для дачи. Преображаем загородный интерьер.

Curtains in the interior are no less important than the furniture or the walls. They not only serve a practical function, protecting the room from wind, sunlight and prying eyes, but also make the room cozy. Properly chosen fabrics for curtains can set the mood of the whole style and the curtains of a city apartment to be purchased with consideration of the overall design, curtains for the cottages is often “displaced persons” left over from previous repairs, or just boring.

This approach to the design of the villas is totally wrong, because this is the place where we want to relax from the urban bustle, relax and feel unity with nature. No need to turn a country house in the graveyard of useless things, give him a new life with new curtains.

Шторы для дачи. Преображаем загородный интерьер.

Curtains for cottages. What are they?

Traditionally cottage interiors are performed in classic styles such as English, French Provence, American country. Many also prefer the national color, making country house in rustic style. Rarely in a holiday home are transferred urban notes city apartment, after a summer in the understanding of the majority of this place from childhood, with wooden floors and linen tablecloths.

Шторы для дачи. Преображаем загородный интерьер.

Country curtains mostly have a classic incarnation is the traditional model with drapery, sometimes to the floor, but more often to the level of the sill. Also interesting to look at the suburban interior, curtains in English style, decorated with colorful print and picked up by wide belts. The curtains look very organic cafe near her window, creating an atmosphere of grandmother’s house in the village.

For cottages in Provence style or Country style is very suitable curtains with a floral pattern, luxuriously will look like a cage or a thin strip. Curtains in small or large peas are also suitable for European country style. If you prefer an authentic national style, the ideal element will be the curtains of rough natural fabric, such as linen or cotton.

Шторы для дачи. Преображаем загородный интерьер.

“Summer” color:

  • Country and ethnic style — brick-red, the colour of grass or marsh hue, chocolate brown, pale cream or sandy.
  • Provence “likes” a cool pastel palette — ivory, sky blue, rich pink, olive, pale lilac.
  • For curtains in the English style characterized by the combination of colors, for example, a bright flower on a neutral background or a combination of bright and muted stripes.

Fabric for curtains for the cottage

Of course preference is given to natural materials — cotton, flax. Such materials are transferred into the home natural atmosphere. Protecting the room from sunlight, curtains made of natural fabrics with excellent breathability and warmth without creating in the room of stuffiness. Calico, cambric or linen curtains simple cut harmoniously with any interior elements of country and don’t overload it with unnecessary grandiosity.

However, choosing the material should also count on its practicality. This is especially true of outdoor curtains for interiors, for example, terraces or verandas.

It is better to give preference to polyester or blended fabrics with a predominance of synthetic fibers. These curtains will look naturally and nobly, and in addition, they will be easier to maintain. The fabric must be durable, respond well to periodic cleaning. Ideal materials with specially impregnation, which repels dust and dirt and reducing the need to wash the curtains.

Creating your unique holiday style do not be afraid to combine incongruous, because it is the best field for design experiments, in which one is born truly brilliant ideas.

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