Curse Buzova: throw it all men

Проклятье Бузовой: ее бросают все мужчины

Dmitry Tarasov, Roman Tretyakov and other spectacular failures of the blonde, which it is time to turn to psychics.

Not so long ago Olga Buzova joined the sad list of stars who were on the verge of divorce. With a footballer Dmitry Tarasov, with whom she had been married for four years, she has now nothing in common. However, officially divorce the couple says, because the fans still entertain the hope for reunion “tarabuco”.

But the alarm bell was sounded in August of this year, when Olga came to his native St. Petersburg on the presentation of their books. When the presenter asked about the betrayal, she called the name of the person who was betrayed. And it was not Dmitry Tarasov!

“In my life I was much betrayed, deceived. Cheated by the closest people. The only person who had not betrayed me, this is my friend Olga she is shocked the audience recognition Buzova. For 11 years we have not had any conflict situation, any time when I would have thought that this man with me is not sincere.”

So that’s something! In place Tarasova, we would be offended. However, when Olga was singing the praises of Demetrius. “I love my husband, I can’t live without him”, – with tears in his eyes told Buzova. By the way, “love” and married “until death do us part” she believed from childhood. “To marry it is necessary once,” said the leader.

That’s only with men she had no luck. My first love Olga broke up in his youth. Her choice was a good kid – never drank, smoked and even swore! Here only was an avid player. And that was the reason for the gap.

The second novel was under a sight of television cameras in the “House-2”. Relations Olga Buzova and Roman Tretyakov lasted for three years. They were the most popular couple of the project. The case went to the wedding. However, try on a wedding dress Olga did not succeed – the young people left, and very painful. It seemed that Olga had stopped trusting men, but in 2012 she met Dmitriy Tarasov…

While the wives keep proud silence about a future together. Well, Woman’s Day decided to recall stories from the life of Olga Buzova. After all, her childhood had to live “to overcome”.

The story of the first

It all started back in high school. Yes, Olga Buzova got a silver medal. But the relationship with teachers, especially headmistress Tatiana Evgenievna, to put it mildly, did not happen. “She’s biased I was treated, hated, and I didn’t even understand why,” said Olga. The girl sobbed, begged my mother to transfer her to another school. But she refused. Only now Olga realizes mom was right. After all, the girl was waiting for a real happy end: “I stayed there and soon ceased to worry even graduated from high school with a silver medal, and then the St. Petersburg state University with the red diploma”.

The second story

Parents in principle have tried to educate daughters: the eldest, Olga and little Anna in severity. The family was quite wealthy, but the money prefer to spend on education and travel. And girls like pretty things. “In 13 years I wanted some boots. They cost, as I remember, 1750 rubles. At the time – very expensive, – says Buzova. And mom said, “I Want the boots – go to work”. Where?! I was 13 years old: this little girl with blonde hair”. But with the employment of minor daughter’s mother still helped get her a cleaner in a clinic. So, mopping Buzova and earned the coveted footwear.

The third story

In the “House-2” Olga Buzova as a member lasted 4.5 years! And it could fly out at the very beginning. The show started on the 5th may 2004. Buzova appeared on the project on may 15. Such a pretty 18-year-old girl. But the participants took a dislike to Olga at first sight. Even her old friend Olga she is in those years, was friends against her with Alena Vodonaevoy.

“Once the right to the “place of execution”, where once again voted against me, I ran out of the gate, which was strictly prohibited. In the doorway stood Sobchak: “If you leave now, you’re weak!” I went back and don’t regret it,” – confidently said Olga.

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