Нынешняя жена Тиграна Кеосаяна секретничает с его бывшей супругой Margarita Simonyan became the heroine of the program “One day”. In the broadcast channel NTV journalist said about family traditions for the New year and revealed what speaks to ex-wife of Tigran Keosayan Alena Khmelnytsky.
Нынешняя жена Тиграна Кеосаяна секретничает с его бывшей супругой

The heroes of the new edition of “One day” which will show NTV this Saturday at 16.20, became an actress Irina Pegova and Tigran Keosayan and Margarita Simonyan. The couple are going to present a detective story “Actress,” which will be shown on TV on December 28. Keosayan became the Director of the film, and Simonyan – writer. The couple invited a host transfer to her house.

As it became known “StarHit”, the wife of Tigran Keosayan will talk about his difficult childhood and remember what songs she sang Mama. In addition, the reporter will tell about their relationship with the former wife of Director Alyona Khmelnitsky. Despite the fact that only one woman had divorced actress, ex-wife continued to chat. Moreover, Khmelnytsky managed to find a common language with Simonyan. In the program Margaret reveal the secret conversations with his ex-wife Keosayan.

“Of course, first and foremost, we are talking about anymore. About children, about men, about work, about movies, about the profession, about our children. What do women talk when they don’t want to talk about work… Imagine I say this 99% of the time. Sometimes I already think that I’m a walking microphone, not a woman. Of course, when I meet a man like Alain, which is quite far from the world in which I live, have a rest soul. You see, we can have half an hour to discuss rose wine. Both of us is fun and exciting. For me it’s like a breath of some different air,” said Simonyan.

Tigran Keosayan, in turn, will share their views on relationships with women and remember the wise counsel of the father. In addition, the Director and his wife talk about the plans for the New year and reveals the family tradition. Viewers learn how the pair is going to prepare a festive table.

The main holiday of the year being prepared, and another character of the program Irina Pegova. In June of the following year the honored artist will be 40 years old. The actress tells of how she relates to her age and birthday. In 2012 Irina divorced actor Dmitry Orlov. Viewers will learn about the reasons why the couple broke up. To this marriage have Pegawai daughter, Tatiana. The girl is now 11 years old. In recognition of Irina, a child greatly affects her.